Friday, May 12, 2017

happy muse

Stumbled across this beauty when creating the inspiration board for my new WiP.

Can't wait to share this story with you.

Hopefully someday soon...

Monday, March 20, 2017

WARNING: hormone-induced rant ahead

If you've been around my blog for a while, you know that I don't get mad very easily. I do, however, get annoyed very quickly...and very often.

Normally the little annoyances bug me for a minute or two, and then I move on to the next one. (And believe me, there's always a next one). But sometimes (generally in 28 day intervals...ahem) my brain and body are overtaken by the forces of the darkest evil, and the annoyances burble up inside of me, and I have NO CHOICE but to let them fly...

So, slap on your protective eye wear and rubber boots, Fan Club, because here comes a rant...

Things that  annoyed the living sh*t out of me in the last 24 hours:

1. Dogs who lick frosting off the corner of the birthday cake while you're still cutting it 
2. When you've just made a margarita and realize you never bought limes
3. People who take the clean clothes out of the dryer but just leave them in the laundry basket without folding them.
4. People who say they're going to email and then don't.  
5. Blaine over Duckie. Seriously... WHO WOULD EVER CHOOSE BLAINE OVER DUCKIE
(this is a long-time annoyance, obviously)
6. Neighbors' dogs who bark at the wind. and the clouds. and the sun. 
7. $3 for a gallon of gas, again
8. Forgetting to bring my own bag to the grocery store
9. Paying $.10 for a bag at the grocery store
10. self checkout lanes
11. People who abandon their grocery carts in the parking lot
12. crows. because...CAW. CAW. CAW.
13. Only three seasons of The Great British Baking Show on Netflix
14. Sinus headaches
15. Crappy wi-fi
16. tight jeans
17. drivers who don't use their blinkers. 
18. whiny kids (seriously, get a blog and complain about it there. Mom's sick of hearing it)
19. mosquito hawks that are suddenly evuuuuurwhere
20. socks with a hole in the toe...



I'll be back in a couple of days when my hormones have settled down and I no longer want to punch the world in the face. Until then, rainbow kisses and unicorn hugs for all.


Tuesday, February 14, 2017


In celebration of Valentine's Day, 
(and because I am too lazy to put together a legit post
it's time for another installment of 

Just for you, AG Howard ;)

I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's 
filled with all the kisses, nuzzles 
and nose rubs your hearts desire

Monday, January 16, 2017

She's still alive...and (sort of) kicking

Just popping by to say, HELLO and HAPPY 2017!

I promise *crosses heart* to do a legit post very soon, but I've been oh-so busy finishing up my WiP (finally!) that I haven't had the time or the brain power to do it.

Until then, please enjoy this delicious image of my favorite GOT character dudded-up for the holidays. Ho, ho, ho...

Sunday, November 20, 2016

60 seconds of thanks...

A simple challenge for the time-impaired.

Set a timer for 60 seconds and write down everything you're thankful for. Anything that comes to mind. 

I'll go first. 

oatmeal with fresh berries and way too much brown sugar
my best friend 
hand-written cards that you send in the mail
split keyboards
Christmas decorations
spell check
unexpected gifts
hugs. long ones.

Okay, now your turn....

Happy Thanksgiving to all!  

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Suck it up...

*blows the cobwebs off of her blog*

Hello, Fan Club!

Yes, I're wondering who I am. It's me, BETHANY!! I know it's been a long time since I've posted (3 months...that's TERRIBLE!) but I'm busy, guys, working on something VURRRY IMPORTANT.  I'm having great fun with it, and I sure, sure, SURE hope you all get to read it before too long, but until then, I thought I'd recycle this post I did last year for Write All Year. Even though I wrote it, (so technically I should know this stuff already) I found huge encouragement when I read it after it was re-posted back in August.

It's super easy to get down about this whole writing thing. This post reminded me (#ironic) of just why we have to keep doing it. I hope you can relate to it as much as I did...both as the writer of it and a believer in it.


Feeling blue about this whole ‘writer’ thing, eh?
Well, if you were hoping for a delicate, stroke-your-hair kind of pep-talk over a bottle of chardonnay and some scented candles, than I’ve got some bad news for you.  I’m not here to soothe your writerly woes*. In fact, the only reason I’m here is to tell you the truth about being a writer…and exactly why you can’t quit.
Here’s the skinny: Being a writer sucks.
It sucks to fall face first into a plot hole you can’t seem to climb out of.
It sucks when agents (finally!) respond to your toiled-over query with a generic, “It’s not right for me,” email.
It sucks when yesterday your manuscript was a brilliant, future best-seller and today it’s little more than a 12 point, double-spaced pile of horse sh*t.
It sucks when everyone you know is getting a new agent/deal/sale/option.
It sucks that no one in your real life understands why you’re so stressed/anxious/depressed all the time.
It sucks that SUBJECTIVE has become a four letter word.
See…it sucks.
Except for when it doesn’t.
Like that day when your characters finally kiss. The giggles that escape your blushing cheeks the very moment your fingers pause on the keyboard and their lips press against the other’s for the first time doesn’t suck at all. In fact, it’s pretty amazing.
And that feeling you get when someone not related/married/in-debt to you reads your book and tells you they loved it…that doesn’t suck either. Not at all.
And of course there’s that indescribable sense of accomplishment that comes when you type those glorious words, THE END, and it finally dawns on you that you’ve done something huge; something that is completely unique and born solely from your own imagination. Something that no one else in the world can claim as their own. That most definitely does not suck.
Of course there will be days when you think the struggle isn’t worth it anymore. You will scream to the heavens that it’s not fair, or that life would be so much easier if you didn’t want this so bad. Thing is…you do want it, bad, and no matter how hard you try, you’ll never be able to shake that desire because being a storyteller is in your DNA. It’s literally part of the fabric that makes you who you are; it’s sandwiched right there between the color of your eyes and your disdain for Lionel Richie. And even if you abandon your notebook forever, you would still be crafting stories in your head and in your heart. So the way I see it, you might as well get them on paper because at least then there’s a chance you’ll get paid for them. (Seven-figure deals…obviously).
So, my fellow writers, do yourself a solid and suck it up. I promise it’s worth it.

*(And for the record, despite my above bluntness, I am not that friend who will tell you that your butt looks big in your jeans. Although…come on, we both know that just because you can get into the jeans doesn’t mean they actually fit.)

Monday, July 18, 2016

...that time my heart got big

Book praise always makes my innards happy, but every now and then I get some feedback that makes my heart do that Grinchy thing. You know, growing bigger than its original size. Take a look at this email:

The Grinch photo: Grinch Heart Grow grinch_growing_heart.gif 

"Dear Mrs. Crandell, 

I met you recently at a Barnes and Noble B fest event and you signed me a copy of Summer on the Short Bus for me, which I greatly appreciate. I told you about how I have attended a camp for special needs children with chronic diseases, most of us at the camp having juvenile arthritis. Cricket's attitude towards the campers at Camp I Can are very similar to what I experienced from campers who were not a part of the **Withholding camp name for privacy** Her attitude is also similar to what I have experienced in other public spaces, such as school and theme parks like Sea World. For my first two years of high school I was forced to walk with a cane, which for obvious reasons earned me some harsh comments about either being an exaggerator, a wimp, or that I am contagious and should be avoided at all costs. During one of my classes freshman year, one student took my cane and shortened it without me knowing so that when I tried to stand up to walk I fell. 

In today's society it is way too common to ignore ignorance about differently-abled people, which creates people who are either cold towards disabilities, or way too sympathetic and fake. In literature and movies, conditions like at Camp I Can or **camp name** are touched upon lightly to prevent anyone from being offended. Summer on the Short Bus was so incredibly refreshing because it showed that in real life people are quick to judge, and often stick to those judgments when they are exposed to a situation that they do not understand. So thank you very much for creating such a real character, because even though we don't always like to admit it I think we all have some Cricket in us, but I think we can balance it with our inner Efrons. 

Thank you again for taking the time to read this."

As someone who is rarely at a loss for words, this one left me a little dumbstruck. All I can think to say is, WOW, and THANK YOU! 

If you've been affected by an author's work, do them a solid and tell them. There's nothing quite as fulfilling as hearing how your story impacted someone's life.