Saturday, August 24, 2013

Summertime Binge Reader!

Despite my love of reading now, I wasn't a big reader as a kid. There were always too many trees to climb, too many games of football to play, and too many neighbors to doorbell ditch. (Yes, it's true. I took great pleasure in tormenting my neighbors by ringing their bells and running. Judge away.) But for some reason, my dislike for the written page seemed to go on hiatus during the summer months. Possibly because there was a whole lot of time to fill when school wasn't in session (and your parents won't pony-up for cable TV), or, more likely, because the local library always offered summer reading programs (read: PRIZES!!) if you read a certain number of books. Who wants an eraser shaped like an ice cream cone?? THIS GIRL, that's who!

Was it bribery? Totally.

But it worked. The books I read during those summer months fed my brain just enough, so that when I was finally old enough to realize how awesome reading is, my brain wasn't completely malnourished. And some of those books have stuck with me my entire  life--I still read them whenever given the chance and brag about them as often as I can. Titles like this one: 

(If you've never read FIFTEEN, do it. DO IT NOW!!)

So I'm curious, Fan Club, what summertime reads 
do you hold dear to your heart?
(Ice cream cone erasers for anyone who says, SUMMER ON THE SHORT BUS)