Tuesday, July 7, 2015


Lynne Matson grew up in Georgia in a house full of books and with a backyard full of gnarly pines. A former attorney, Lynne now spends her days writing books about mysterious islands and other fantastical things.

When she's not writing or reading, you'll find her hanging out with her husband and their four amazing boys, probably on the beach. Cookies are her kryptonite, especially thin mints.

Now, let's get to know this badass a little better...

What is your favorite word?  
What is your least favorite word? 
acknowledge (I always spell it wrong and it always looks weird.)
What sound or noise do you love?  
my kids’ giggles when tickled
What sound or noise do you hate?  
What profession other than your own would you like to attempt? Hmmm…since I’ve already been a lawyer, that one’s out. Maybe professional cookie taster or music journalist.   
What profession would you not like to do? 
Anything involving blood. *shivers*
What is your favorite color Popsicle? 
Sprinklers or Slip N Slide?
Sprinklers all the way baby
Favorite John Hughes Movie? 
The Breakfast Club
Last song you listened to? 
Everything is Lost by Maggie Eckford
What book do you wish you would have written because it’s just that good? 
Well, obviously, Harry Potter. Duh.:) But other than HP? The Winner’s Curse or Throne of Glass or The Scorpio Races or…:) 
In one sentence or less, what does every aspiring-author need to know? Do not quit, believe in yourself, and remember that publishing is a marathon, not a sprint.

Yup, straight-up BAD.ASS.
Now, here's a look at the book that's up for grabs in the AGAINST THE ODDS prize pack:
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  On the mysterious island of Nil, the rules are set. You have one year. Exactly 365 days--to escape, or you die.

Seventeen-year-old Charley doesn’t know the rules. She doesn’t even know where she is. The last thing she remembers is blacking out, and when she wakes up, she’s lying naked in an empty rock field.

Lost and alone, Charley finds no sign of other people until she meets Thad, the gorgeous leader of a clan of teenage refugees. Soon Charley learns that leaving the island is harder than she thought . . . and so is falling in love. With Thad’s time running out, Charley realizes that to save their future, Charley must first save him. And on an island rife with dangers, their greatest threat is time.
Lynne loves hanging out with readers, so be sure to check out her website, or find her on Twitter or Facebook. And add her books to your Goodreads list, too!


  *Many thanks to James Lipton for letting me steal sharing his awesome interview questions*