Saturday, December 14, 2013

Please, admire the Precious...And win an ARC!

In case you've been living under a rock, I wanted to let you know...
(And a pretty one a that)

I know.

It's perfect.

And there's more.

You can win the VERY FIRST ARC of this gorgeous book.
Swing by YABooksCentral & check out my cover release post. 
There you can read about what went into designing this little gem,
as well as learn a few boring tidbits about me.

In other news, WE HAVE WINNERS!
Thanks for all who participated in the RUNNING PRESS book giveaway.
I've emailed each of the winners, 
but just so ya'll know it was legit,
here they are:

Jenny Torres Sanchez Prize Pack:  Selina Xu
Cori McCarthy Prize Pack: Zaira Fernando
Eric Devine Prize Pack: Shelby Mead

This will be my last post here for the year, 
but you can catch me over at The YAValentines on Friday, Dec. 27
where I'll be documenting the last Cupid's Arrow of the year.

Merry Christmas to all of you, and I'll see you next year when we'll
start getting SERIOUS about SUMMER ON THE SHORT BUS! 
(that's code for BIG giveaways!)

Sunday, December 1, 2013

RUNNING PRESS: An introduction. (And a HUGE giveaway!!)


You know what that means? 
The smell of cinnamon scented pine cones is heavy in the air, thousand calorie goodies are lurking behind every corner, and SUMMER ON THE SHORT BUS will be releasing in just four months!

FOUR MONTHS! *flails*

In honor of this exciting milestone, I wanted to introduce you to the publisher who's making my dream of being a published author a reality.

Running Press Kids is a division of the Perseus Book Group. They're not particularly huge, but they don't need to be. They've got all the guts, gusto and balls-to-the-wallsedness (it's a word) as the big boys. They take chances on books other houses might shy away from. Stories with bold, unapologetic characters written by authors with unique and equally unapologetic voices. While other publishers felt SUMMER ON THE SHORT BUS was too honest, and potentially offensive because of it, Running Press embraced that quality. They recognized that real life isn't always pretty, it's just real. 

SUMMER ON THE SHORT BUS joins a catalog of other fantastic novels by some incredibly talented authors. And to celebrate this special occasion, I'm giving away prize packs from some of these amazing folks.

Jenny Torres Sanchez is the genius behind, THE DOWNSIDE OF BEING CHARLIE and the incredibly charming, DEATH, DICKINSON AND THE DEMENTED LIFE OF FRENCHIE GARCIA.
If you love reading stories about memorable characters and relatable experiences, Jenny is your author! 

Cori McCarthy BLEW MY MIND with her Sci-Fi nail biter, THE COLOR OF RAIN. Seriously, I've never read a book about space travel and prostitutes but...good gawd! This book is amazing. You want this book!

And finally, there's my good pal Eric Devine. With books like TAP OUT and DARE ME under his belt, Eric takes the art of writing about honest characters to a whole new level. Whether it be surviving the gritty, hard life of a drug-infested trailer park, or leaving a dangerous mark for your classmates to remember you by, Eric tackles very book the same way: Fearlessly.

So, here's what's up for grabs kids:

From Jenny, a copy of DEATH, DICKINSON AND THE DEMENTED LIFE OF FRENCHIE GARCIA as well as some CHARLIE swag. From Cori, a signed copy of THE COLOR OF RAIN, and from Eric, a signed copy of DARE ME. (Plus, a little SHORT BUS tidbit thrown in each prize package for good measure.)

The contest ends December 14. (Eastern time)
Winners will be posted on this page & notified directly.

And if you don't win...don't worry! 
A new giveaway starts January 1!

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