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On the Red Carpet with SPLINTERED Hottie, Jebediah Holt

Thanks, A.M., and welcome everyone to the Jebediah Holt side of SPLINTERED'S INTERNATIONAL RED CARPET EVENT AND GIVEAWAY! (For Morpheus’s interview, head over to the other side of the carpet where Jessica Nelson has him cornered…)

You'll have to forgive me if I'm not my usual ultra-professional self tonight, but ... come on! It's not every day a girl gets to stand beside the guy she's been daydreaming about for the last year. *winks at Jeb, whilst swiping the drool from her mouth* So Jeb, are you game to answer a few questions for the audience at home?

Sure. Fire away.

How did you and Alyssa first meet?

Al was eleven and I was thirteen. I was working on my mom’s car when my sister brought her over for introductions. Al kept staring at my bare chest. *ears flush red* I figured she was freaked out by my scars so I started to look for my t-shirt. She found it first and offered it to me. Our hands touched, and I noticed she had scars on her palms and wrists. She caught me looking and couldn’t get her hands in her pockets fast enough. I knew right then she was a kindred spirit.

When did you realize that you might have feelings for Alyssa? 
Realizing was never an issue. Like I said, when we met as kids, we connected. Admitting how much I’ve come to care for and rely on her since then … well, that’s where it gets sticky.
(Mmm...I like sticky)

I'm sure you have an opinion on why you should be with Alyssa and not Morpheus, so let me hear it!
*runs a hand through his dark hair* Sometimes I’m not sure she should be with me. I’m kind of a mess. But Al means everything to me. I want to keep her happy and protect her. I want to always be there for her. Maybe that can make up for my baggage. As for the mothman? That jerk has one agenda: himself. He wants to use her. No way will I stand by and let him hurt her for his own warped devices. *his green eyes narrow on Morpheus*

*Leans into Jeb's sight line, forcing his attention back to her and away from Morpheus*

So...what's your favorite piece of art Alyssa has ever created?
There’s this one mosaic she made out of crickets and glass and red berries. Winter’s Heartbeat. It’s incredible. It’s like a jeweled tree bleeding against a shiny black background. I always thought it felt so … real. Like it could actually exist. I had no idea how right I was, or the danger it could lead to.

Do you believe in magical places? 
Well, yeah … sort of. I think everyone has a magical place to go to when they’re hurting or sad. Mine is inside Al’s eyes. Even though she’s seen just as much disappointment as me, there’s still a light there that gives me hope. If that’s not magic, I don’t know what is. *glances across at Alyssa who stares back intently and blushes*

If Alyssa asks you to get rid of your lip piercing, will you do it to prove that she matters to you more than any other girl? *wonders what kind of crack-head Alyssa would be to suggest something so inane*

If it’s something Al needed for me to do, to prove how much she means to me, I’d do it in a heartbeat. But I can think of other ways to convince her she’s the most important girl in my life, ways that we could both enjoy … and there’d be no question in her mind.

Out of all of your art pieces that you've done what is your favorite? What's it about?
Mourning Glory. It’s a fairy sitting on a bench with a dead rose in her hand. She’s crying black tears and a pile of withered petals covers her bare feet. I was inspired to sketch it one day when I saw Al sitting alone in the park. She didn’t see me … was too busy crying and crumbling a flower until the petals scattered around her, mumbling at the stem like it could hear her. Al’s a pretty private person sometimes, so I hid behind some bushes and sketched while she got it out of her system. Then I bought her an ice cream and didn’t leave her side the rest of the day.

When did you get your lip pierced? *wills herself not to reach out and touch the pretty bobble*
*taps his rhinestone labret, his expression darkening* Two hours after my dad’s funeral. I’d wanted to do it a long time before that, but when I’d bring it up … *absently traces scars on his forearm* let’s just say it never ended pretty. Once Dad was gone, it was my way of proving to myself that his reign of terror was really over. That I was finally in control of my choices, of my body and my life.

Hardest skate trick you've pulled off?
A double laser flip, but I nearly broke an ankle nailing it. At least, that used to be my hardest trick … before we went to Wonderland.

Are you a sports fanatic?
Unless it’s dirt biking, rock climbing, or skating, I don’t have much use for it. But I do have a few friends on the Pleasance High football, track, and baseball teams.

You're gonna kick back and watch a movie with Alyssa, what are you watching and what is your snack of choice?
The movie is her choice. I’ll be stealing glances at her the whole time and miss the plot anyway. And snacks? *grins* That depends on what flavor lip gloss she’s wearing…
*swallows hard, wishing she had a cigarette*

Are you stubborn?
When it comes to protecting those I love or standing up for what I think is right, you bet.

In one sentence, sum up you first thoughts and feelings on entering Wonderland. 
Something’s wrong up in here.

Now Jeb, I know you and Morpheus aren't exactly...friends, but my co-reporter Jessie and I thought it would be very telling to interview the two of you, side-by-side, with the same questions--just to see how different you really are. You're game, right?! *Grabs Jeb's arm and drags him down the red carpet before he has time to say no.*

Hi Morph and Jessie--we're ready for the rapid-fire questions.

Have you ever chased a white rabbit?
Jeb: No. But I did dive down a rabbit hole once, chasing something a lot more important than a rabbit…
Morpheus: Yes, one who escaped my dinner plate. For the record, he later became a delightful hasenpfeffer stew.

True or False: All's fair in love and war?
Jeb: There are exceptions.
Morpheus: No exceptions. It’s an absolute truth.

Your choice for underclothes: boxers or briefs…
Jeb *coughs and blushes*: Uhhh ... well, you can find out what I wear if you read Splintered—chapter fifteen.
*makes mental note to memorize chapter 15*
Morpheus *smirking*: They can be as brief as you like. But I’d prefer to buy you dinner first.
*silently curses herself for enjoying that answer*

What are three words you'd use to describe Alyssa?
Jeb: Tenacious, fragile, and innocent.
Morpheus: Maddening, loyal, and seductive.

What’s your favorite make out song?
 Jeb: *dimples flashing as he zones in on Al in the crowd*: Forevermore by Broken Iris.
Morpheus *leaning close to the microphone*: When it’s done right, luv, you make your own music. 

If you had only one day left with Alyssa, what would you do with her to make it a perfect day?

Jeb: We’d take my motorcycle to the lake where I used to fish with my dad—before things went bad. We’d swim then have a picnic, to make up for all the ones she missed out on having with her family. I’d paint her a mural on the rock wall that surrounds the lake. Then once the sun set, we’d climb into a sleeping bag and I’d kiss her until every strand of starlight seeped away.

Morpheus: We would take to the sky and watch Wonderland’s majesty pass beneath us. I’d waltz with her on the clouds and serenade her with the wind. Later, we would dine on candied spiders and sip dandelion wine, for she does love to torment her flowers and bugs. Then, cozied by the castle fire, I’d wrap her in my wings and make her forget everything about the human realm.

Jeb: *teeth clenched*: All right, bug-rot. That’s it. Me and you, outside. Let’s go.

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Gentlemen, gentlemen, *holds one hand against each guy's incredibly taut stomach to prevent a brawl* *flushes* *kneeds like a kitten* No need to get testy... A.M, in an effort to keep the peace, (and my fidelity to my husband) I think we better call this interview a wrap. Back to you in the studio.

Thanks, ladies! Those interviews make me want to grab a hottie and jump headfirst back down the rabbit hole for some cuddle time! *snort/giggle/snog like crazy* Seriously though, we’d love to hear who’s stolen your heart, so leave your comments below.

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That’s all from us in the studio. Thank you for coming!

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Red Carpet Attributions:

Thanks to Jessica Nelson, Bethany Crandell, and A.M. Supinger for being extraordinary and entertaining MCs!

Thank you to Kalen O’Donnell for the spectacular Red Carpet Event banner and artwork!

And last but never-ever least, special thanks and gratitude to the following book-reviewers/bloggers/authors who fashioned the amazing list of questions for our guys:

A. Lynden Rolland
Brooke at the Cover Contessa 
Cat Winters
Christina at Ensconced in YA
Crystal at Winter Haven Books 
Gabrielle Carolina at Modpodge Bookshelf
Hannah at the Girl in a Cafe
Jaime Arnold at Two Chicks on Books
Jenny Phresh at The Party Pony
Kerri Maniscalco
Nikki at Fiction Freak
Nobonita Chowdhury at Daydreaming Bookworm
PJ Hoover
Rachel at Fiktshun
Riley Redgate at The Mighty Jungle 
Sarah Skilton
Suzanne Payne 
Angela Cook

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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Don't get comfortable

I've had the pleasure of interviewing a handful of authors and agents over the last year or so, and while I'm far from Oprah (both in skill set and tanning ability), I think I'm pretty decent at it. I came up with some standard questions that give both insight to my guest's current work, as well as a peek at who they are outside their books/jobs, etc. Nothing too deep, but not the same ole questions they're getting bombarded with on everybody else's blogs. It's just tete-a-tete between two friends. Cozy. Friendly. Comfortable.


*Rookie heaves a deep breath, hoping that if she types that word just one more time, her upcoming interview might actually be comfortable instead of what she knows, in her heart, it will be.*


It's no use guys. 

I can't possibly convince myself that my next interview is going to be comfortable. 


A knot-bound tummy is not comfortable.

Standing on legs that wobble like over-cooked noodles is not comfortable.

When your heart pounds so violently that you're sure it will tear open your chest...yeah, definitely not comfortable.

Passing out for lack of oxygen because you can't catch your breath...GAWD! NOT COMFORTABLE!

And there is nothing, nothing, as UN-comfortable as being face-to-face with the man you've swooned over for months, knowing you're not the girl whose captured his heart.

Fan Club, my next interview could quite possibly destroy me. To be so close to someone so heroic, stoic and ... sexy, without license to have him for myself...I'm just not sure I'll survive it.

In the event that I fall dead of non-reciprocated desire before the interview is finished, I need one of you to pick up where I left off. Will you do that for me???

(Come back December 26th to see how it all plays out)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Thanksgiving Hero

In my thirty-seven years of giving thanks on the third Thursday of November, it's never occurred to me to include you to my list. Selfish? Probably. But I'm human, and focusing on my own needs/wants is innate to me. Please don't fault me for this. Instead, allow me to publicly salute the great sacrifice that you've made, because as far as I'm concerned, you are the wishbone backbone of Thanksgiving. Without you and your moist, tender, white meat breasts, Thanksgiving would be little more than a plate of carbohydrates served with a side of post-gorging, poor body image and a chaser of tryptophan. 

Yes, it was the pilgrims who braved this new world so many years ago. Surviving famine, disease and intolerable conditions. And since then countless lives have been lost in an effort to maintain the freedoms we enjoy, but it's you, oh great Thanksgiving turkey, who is the real hero of this holiday. May you be celebrated for your commitment to this nation, and enjoyed by every hungry mouth as you rest beside a mound of mashed potatoes and beneath a blanket of gravy. We honor and thank you for your service.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Chin're never alone.

Writing, as we all know, can be a very isolating endeavor. Some days your inbox is completely empty, your Twitter address has formed cobwebs and even your Facebook pals seem to have fallen off the planet. It's just you, your computer, and that bloody cursor that blinks...blinks...BLINKS!! at you, impatiently waiting for literary brilliance to spout from your fingertips like magic. It's days like this when you start digging through your kids trick-or-treat stash, and when the crazy makers in your head convince you of what you already know--that your manuscript sucks.

And it's days like this when you come dangerously close to giving up. But I'm here to tell you that's not an option--EVER. And here's why:

Believe it or not, we're all in this together. Sure we're competing against each other for sales, for agents, for amazing publishing deals. But in the end, we're all pursuing the same passion with the same goal: TO WRITE AND FOR OTHER PEOPLE TO LOVE OUR WORK and because of that, we all want each other to succeed.

So, here's my advice for this election night: If you're feeling in the dumps, send someone an email--tell them you're having a crappy day and demand they tell you a joke to lift your spirits. If your brain hamster (a.k.a. muse) is drunk and tripping over his own fat paws, give a friend a holler--sometimes five minutes of stimulating, other-author convo is just enough to get the slouch back on the wheel and running again. Whatever's got you down, is driving you nuts, or is isolating you to an island you don't want to be on, a friendly, encouraging ear is really never that far away.

(This has been a public service announcement brought to you by the fingers of the 
Bloggerly challenged and unmotivated. You are now free to resume your regular life as scheduled. 
Please note that some ideas may have shifted during flight.)

Monday, October 29, 2012

Spooktacular Fun!

GUYS! Guys, guys, guys!