Thursday, May 26, 2016


My super talented pal and crit partner, AG Howard, has a new book coming out called ROSEBLOOD. This book...Ohmygod! And the leading man...HANDS OFF! (seriously, I'll cut you if you even reach for him) Everything about this book is delicious, including the cover.

Anita revealed the official cover a while ago, but now she's offering you a peek at the breathtaking 'almost-cover' and the story of how it came to be, or...not be, as is the case. Besides that she's sharing an excerpt from the book and is also running a giveaway so...yeah, you better get over there.

Here's a link to AG's blog so you can enter the contest, and because I shower her with chocolates and inappropriate texts, she's agreed to let me post the gorgeous 'almost-cover' image here so my blog can look beautiful for a while.