Wednesday, May 5, 2010

So THIS is what it feels like...

Last Thursday evening, I received an email from my dream agent, (someone I actually met at a writer's conference the first morning, who was the sweetest, nicest, cutest little thing you could imagine), informing me that she liked the first chapter of the book enough to request the full manuscript with, "an eye toward representation."

After I did a little white-girl-jig, and a very loud, oooh!oooh!oooh! through my living room and kitchen, which is tricky considering I was just over 2 weeks out of knee surgery, the reality of the moment set in.

1. Someone is taking me seriously as an author
2. Someone might actually publish my book
3. Shit! I haven't revised it enough
4. She's going to hate it, laugh at me, and send an email to every, single, solitary literary agent in the continental US, (maybe even our neighbors to the north), telling them to steer clear of the girl who doesn't always know when to use a semicolon or that "succulents", when referring to plants, is not spelled, "succulence". (spell check sucks).

Fears aside, and there were many, I .pdf'd the entire manuscript to 'dream agent', hard copy following later in the day, and now I get to wait...
and wait..., aren't you sharp...yes, wait some more.

I hope (pray) that she will look beyond the typos and punctuation fatalities, and will fall in love with the characters just as I have -that she'll see the uniqueness in the story, the sarcasm in the tone and the voice behind the author. If she can't see those things, than I suppose she's not the person I'd want repping my book anyway. But I like her - I really do, and I couldn't have designed a more perfect agent to give me my first taste of 'what could be' than her.

THIS BREAKING NEWS JUST IN: I've started a new book: Jilted left-at-the-altar bride seeks retribution on ex-fiancee through highly unconventional, hopefully fatal means.

Bottom line: I'm excited! I'm anxious! I'm nervous! I'm scared! But more than anything, I'm trusting...
"Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart." - Psalm 37:4
(in the end, His plan may not include a book with my name on the spine; but what He does promise is something far greater...I cannot complain about that.)

Be well. I'll keep you posted.