Saturday, January 7, 2012

Don't Give Up On HOPE

Every now then I veer off of the freeway of sarcasm and inappropriate humor I drive most days, and take a much needed detour down emotional lane. This post, my inaugural for the new year, is my first pit stop on the sentimental side street. I hope you enjoy...

It was almost exactly a year ago that a good portion of my prayer life was dedicated to asking the BIG GUY for someone (AN AGENT!) to take me seriously. You know...just give me and my peculiar book a chance. Six months later...I got an agent. WAHOO! Thanks, God!

This morning I was feeling much the way I did a year ago except that the request to the you know who had changed. This morning I prayed that someone (AN EDITOR!) would take me AND my agent seriously. (Calm down, Kitten--no news to report). On days like this, when I feel like the last author in the world an editor would be willing to take a leap of faith with, I'm reminded of one very important four-letter word: HOPE!

You see, the beauty of HOPE is that it strikes you when you're at your lowest point and quite often through unconventional means. Here's how the HOPE bug big me today:

On December 24th (Yeah, the DAY BEFORE CHRISTMAS) my darling 9 year-old decided to write Santa a letter. (Apparently I wasn't supposed to read it, though she left it out on the hutch in the living room--um, FREE GAME, TOOTS!) Anyway, I got the Aww...lump in my throat as we moms do, and then I read the inside:
(I cannot tell you how many times we've told my daughter that she cannot get a trampoline, but I assure you it's well into the double-digits.)

My husband and I chuckled about this card, both enjoying what could very well be her last Christmas believing in the white bearded man from up North, and then we actually discussed her request. After surprisingly short deliberation, we decided this actually could be a good investment for us and that both our kids would get a lot of use out of it. (Not Christmas of 2011, obviously, but perhaps an Easter gift purchased off of Craig's List)

At any rate, my kiddo never lost HOPE. She was the dog under the dining table just waiting for a scrap. And you know what...she got it! A piece of macaroni fell on the floor. (Or in this case, a used trampoline that will probably need new springs).

She never gave up--she just kept hoping. After finding this letter in my dresser drawer, right next to her letter demanding more money from the Tooth Fairy, I realized that I cannot give up on HOPE. It's all I've got left.

(Side note: I had a trampoline as a kid. Our hesitation in buying one was not because we are wicked, evil parents who like to stifle our children of exercise and a good time, but because we didn't think she would use it. If we are guilty of anything--it's practicality.)


  1. Awww . . . That letter is so cute! I love stuff like that--just melts my heart.

    My prayers these days seem to revolve around what your's did a year ago :-) Well, that and to get my hubby back to "normal" so he can go back to work and I can regain some of my sanity :o) HA!

    We'll get there, Rookie ;o) Sooner or later, I have HOPE and FAITH we'll both get there :o)

  2. Rookstar, will you PLEASE give my namesake a HUGE squeeze for me? And one for my other littler gal, too? They're precious! You made my heart SOAR with hope (and nostalgia) just seeing that sweet note. And look, she even realizes how many other children Santa takes care of every year! Proof that you can have BOTH practicality and hope. :)

    I'm so glad she's getting her wish! I had a trampoline as a child, too. And it was my best friend all the way into my teen years. Oh, it'll get used. You just watch. And I'm praying you'll get your bounce, too. An editorial one.

    Angela, I'm praying for you and your hubbie! #goatwub!

  3. This is adorable! Our kids are amazing for teaching/ reminding us about things like that. I love that saying about how you haven't failed until you stop trying -- so true!

  4. @Ang, THIS IS OUR YEAR. I can feel it!! :) I'm praying that your home life returns to normal soon, too. For lots of reasons. (I don't want to meet you face-to-face for the first time if you're behind bars. hee)

    @Anita, You bet!! Though I'll have to be vague with the reason for the hug. If she knew I had the letter, the whole operation would be revealed. HEE. Thanks for the bouncy prayers--I know you'll be pogo-ing along with me ;)

    @Claire, WAHOO!! My new favorite author is here!! You're so right--I cannot begin to count the number of lessons I've learned just by watching my amazing kiddos. Wisdom in small packages, I suppose :)

  5. That post came just when I needed it. I shall never stop hoping! (For you as well as for me, and all our pals.)
    I've always wanted a trampoline. Maybe even more now, since I would not piddle frenetically while bouncing on it. My three boys would certainly like it as well. Hmmm...Easter Bunny?
    I love your daughter's awesome letter. Her query was a winner! Bounce away, Grace C.
    The Pony

  6. Pony girl,
    will you marry me? Cause I'm quite taken with you.


  7. Agreed. And don't feel undone by the submission process - I told Adriann at.a low moment that I was subsisting on hope. And it worked out :)

  8. Great title :) Hope is always necessary! I gave you the Great Comments Award over on my blog :) Thank you!

  9. @BBC,
    You are the best!! I draw so much encouragement from your journey--thank you!

    @Hope--I KNEW I'd get you to comment if you saw that post. HA!Thanks for the award *blushing* I'll swing by shortly ;)

  10. Hope is what keeps us alive. Cliche but true.

    That's the sweetest thing I've ever seen. Your Grace is such a sweetheart. ;)

    I'm always hopeful. If not about writing, just with life in general. Reality never gives us what we want, so we have to rely on hope to get us what we want...even if it takes us much longer than we'd like. Hope keeps us from giving up.

    You'll get there soon, I know it. <3

  11. Oh my goodness. Grace is ADORABLE. I loved that letter! Kids are so great at reminding us about things like hope. And you're right-- it's so important!! Best of luck with everything!

  12. @Cherie,
    You know me...I LOVE cliches! Thanks for all your love--I guess I'm getting it double these days, eh?!

    I should post her letter to the Tooth Fairy. She will likely grow up to be an attorney with the dramatic case she plead for more money. It worked--she went from $2 to $3 a tooth...