Sunday, February 5, 2012

Not quite ready for public viewing...

Hip, Hip, HOORAY!

I have finally completed the first draft of my next book! (I'm refusing to call it rough because I edit as I go--if anything it's course, like margarita salt. Besides, rough sounds very X-Rated).

After just over nine months, I have 77,962 words that I think make a pretty good story. It's got some high-stakes drama, gut-wrenching emotion, potentially inappropriate humor, and of course some make-your-toes-tingle love scenes to round things out. It's a wonderful story and I'm truly proud of it...But here's the kicker: IT'S NOT READY FOR PUBLIC VIEWING!

*Ugh* Rookie clutches her cheek, still aching from the reality slap.

As beautiful as my story is in my head, it needs a lot of work to get purdy enough to share with the world. I don't know about you guys, but that's a hard pillow for this author to swallow. I want this book to be READY. DONE. POLISHED AND SHINY! But the truth is it takes a long, long time to get a manuscript to that point. I am. Scrub brush in hand, fingers poised on the keyboard, bound and determined to make this book as amazing as I know it can be. Will it take a long time? YOU BET. But sending something out into the world before it's ready is just foolish. Don't believe me?! Just ask these chicks...