Sunday, March 18, 2012

Lights, Camera, ACTION!

Faithful fan club, today I am thrilled to present to you
the trailer of my novel, Summer on the Short Bus.

As I describe over there ------>
Summer on the Short Bus is an irreverent and sarcastic look
at what happens when you're stripped of your comfort zone
and left to face reality head on,
despite how uncomfortable it might be.

There's no "message" behind this book--not an intentional one anyway.
In fact, it's about as non-p.c. as you can get.
It's meant to entertain.

If you get something else from it, good on ya!

And now, the trailer...

(And yes, that was Zac Efron. *swipes dibble from chin*
The heart throb in this tale bares a striking resemblance to Zac,
a fact that's incorporated into the story)

*Special thanks to A.G. Howard, whose talents befuddle me on a daily basis*