Friday, July 20, 2012


Oh my gosh.
Oh my gosh.


Have you ever been so excited for something that you just can't sit still?!

You know that kind of child-like anticipation that makes you giggle 'til you feel like you might wet your pants? (Some of my Fan Clubbers are a bit older, so you may experience this on a daily basis--bless you.)

Like when you wake up on Christmas morning and Santa has left you exactly what you asked for? Sort of like this:

Well guess what Fan Club ... SANTA didn't update his version of Google calendar and now we get to celebrate Christmas in July!!

You heard me right! The Ho Ho Ho's are coming early this year, and I know this because I just visited my best pal AG Howard's website, and all the evidence is there.

No, no, not reindeer droppings and cookie crumbs, I'm talking a MAJOR contest. MAJOR as in: A signed ARC of SPLINTERED, a critique by THE Jenny Bent, and so much more free swag it makes my head spin just to think about it.

The contest only runs until July 25, so get off your lounge chair and pop on over -- FAST!