Saturday, January 23, 2010

HIT THE BRAKES!!! Do we need a rewrite?

Ugh. I think the answer may be...yes.
Of course I want the book to be the best it can be, and I think I'm pretty darn close...but I am feeling a nagging to rewrite the first chapter.
"Why?" you ask.
"Because," I say, "for some reason the first chapter doesn't feel like it jives with the rest of the book. While the information is critical to the story, something about the presentation seems off.

So - now I get to start brainstorming on how I want to rewrite that darn first chapter. Part of me thinks this is a great idea & I should be excited to polish this book up so it's pretty and beautiful making it impossible for an agent or a publisher to reject. The other part of me has a sneaking suspicion that the first chapter is fine - that I'm just freaked out to call it "done" and am going to find ways to prolong the refining process.

Time will tell...