Friday, January 8, 2010

RULES SCHMULES...It pays to break them!

Before I started soliciting agencies, I had no idea there were so many RULES to follow in this publishing game. Specific fonts. Specific spacing. Contact us/Don't contact us. Snail Mail ONLY. Where's your SASE? We will send the environmental police to your house and burn you at the stake (like a metal stake, not steak like sirloin, that would require a visit from PETA) if you dare print something on paper - EMAIL ONLY!

Everybody has different rules - it's a wonder anyone gets published.

I have learned, however, that there is one rule that's pretty firm across the board. If an agent rejects you, it's okay to send a courteous response ,but do not bug them. They've made their decision and bothering them will only agitate them and get you black listed. (Black listed? I thought that only happened in bad made for TV movies!)

Uh oh! What's a girl to do who's made a resolution to be more audacious?! ....
She responds to a rejection and says, "Would you be willing to offer any feedback on my query letter?"

Low and behold, the agent responds and gives her HUGE, WONDERFUL, INFORMATIVE feedback! Hallelujah!!! After a brief modification to the query, incorporating the agent's comments, I now have a query that, I hope, will be much more captivating , and assure prospective agents that my book is worth examining a bit closer.

So, thank you, Melissa Jeglinski from the Knight Agency, for breaking the cardinal rule and responding to my email. (She didn't respond when I asked if I could resubmit - that might have been pushing the audacity factor up a few too many notches).

So, my point for this post: