Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I could easily think of a thousand reasons why the consumption of an adult beverage is a necessity. However, I have lots to do (like finish the first season of MAD MEN) so I won't bore you with overkill. Instead, I've compiled a list for your reference:

1. Holidays. (No explanation necessary)

2. Rejections. Particularly when someone says your manuscript is "cliche". (Thanks for reading beyond the first 30 pages!)

3. Children. (See #1)

4. Brad Womack is the new Bachelor. Again.
5. You couldn't say "no" to that slice of leftover birthday cake and now your jeans feel tight.

6. Cramps.
7. Waiting for J.R. Ward's latest installment of the Brotherhood.
8. Atheists.
9. Joy Behar.
10. It's there.