Monday, March 14, 2011

The waiting room

The doctor's office.
The car dealership.
Your email inbox.

Wherever you are, waiting sucks.

Whether it's the outdated magazines, stale coffee, downed server or the demon possessed three-year-old whose parents think spanking is a felony, nothing makes waiting easier.

Or does it?

I've been chatting it up with some new friends over at QueryTracker and I have to say, I love knowing that I'm not alone in this venture to find an agent. I mean, who wouldn't want to know that fourteen other hopefuls were rejected by the same agent? And who doesn't enjoy vying for the fastest rejection time? (4 minutes was mine, but I don't think I hold the record).

The bottom line is, the old adage is true: MISERY LOVES COMPANY
While I may not be able to take a buddy with me to my next root canal appointment, you better believe I'll be hanging with my QT friends in the waiting room over there. If I've gotta go through this painful, exhausting, worth-every-second of it journey, I'd rather go through it with people who know exactly how I'm feeling.

So if you're trying to get published (I have 2 readers...this is a funny suggestion) go check out is safety in numbers people!