Saturday, October 15, 2011

Don't Skip on the Deets, Bra!

Viva Kleenex band paper towels with festive prints (prints are optional, though highly recommended)
Tropicana Trop50 Blueberry Pomegranate Juice

Labrador Retrievers

Predictable chick-flicks, coming of age tales (usually including a dance-off or ridiculous, far-fetched duel) and anything including Bradley Cooper
I could have just said; paper towels, juice, dogs and movies, but instead I gave you specifics about the things I like because that makes getting to know me a lot more interesting, right?! (Your first instinct will be to say "no, that just proves you're a picky, pain in the ass," but for the sake of the blog--just agree). Exactly. And I'm no different than the characters you're writing (Minus the hair. Nobody is brave enough to write about hair like mine).
For example, is reading about a girl who is having a snack while watching TV interesting? UH, NO! Is reading about a girl who is stuffing her face with chips and peach mango salsa while watching a rerun of The Love Boat interesting? WHY YES, YES IT IS!
It's the tiny little details that make our characters relatable, detestable or down right desirable.

If your main character has a strange obsession with David Cassidy, let us know! Though many of us will think he/she has a tiny, old man fetish, there will be a handful of late thirty-somethings who can totally relate.

If the bum on the corner is holding a hand-written sign, tell us what it says! We need to know whose working for beer and who isn't.

If your token rich bitch had plastic surgery, we need to know the cup size, how much she paid, and exact measurements of the misaligned nips.

Details make your characters come to life. Your readers want them and your book needs them.

Take short-cuts when you need to, but never, ever skimp on the details!