Sunday, November 13, 2011

Rest in peace my beloved...

The 4th edition of Rookie's Revlon Ionic Ceramic Pro Stylist was laid to rest on Saturday, November 12, 2011, after its motor began to sputter out mid-blow. Unlike the 4th edition's predecessor, Rookie elected to retire her companion before it became a fire hazard--sending sparks into her mane and, in turn, forcing Rookie to throw the 3rd edition across the room while swearing like a long-haul trucker.

The 4th edition leaves behind a legacy of follicular beauty and ionic shine that can only be compared to Heaven's streets of gold. You have been replaced my beloved, (Same model: $18.99 at Target, plus 5% discount with the Target
red debit card) but you will never be forgotten.


  1. Oh, yes. I remember the days when I had a job and actually cared about how I looked . . . I too went through blow-dryers like . . . (trying to think of Rookie-ish analogy, and it's just not coming to me, GRRR!). Let's just say I went through a lot of them ;-)

    You bought a new blow-dryer at Target? Weren't they just on sale at Wal-mart? (te-hehe) You know I couldn't resist ;-)

  2. OMG! Must be Appliance Death Day. Waffle iron took a mid-Belgian dive off the counter this morning. Obviously, my punishment for attmepting food before coffee. My condolences on your loss. :-)

  3. LOL! May she rest in pieces. HEH

    BTW, I thought surely you'd mention the special relationship between Melvin and your blow dryer. Mayhap he plans to write his own eulogy?

  4. rotten girl. Like I'd buy my best friend at WalMart... :)

    @Kathryn, Mid-Belgian Dive--that's my new band. heh. Sorry to hear of your loss, too. Grief-stricken Saturday's blow.

    What a good friend you are--giving me my next blog idea :) heh.

  5. RIP Rookie's 4th edition Revlon Ionic Ceramic Pro Stylist.

    Hey Rook, how's the writing going? I miss you! (and the rest of the goatposse)

  6. Aw...I love you, purple pal. I've been busy--REALLY buckling down with my WIP. I have a self-imposed end of year deadline to finish it. I know I've been neglectful in my blog visits. But I think of you and your sparkly hooves often ;)

  7. I have that VERY SAME blow dryer! I'm so pathetic and rushed that I only blow dry my hair when it's 20 below zero. Maybe that's why it looks...the way it does. I think I will just keep my pink wig on forever.
    xo to you Rookie!