Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Thanksgiving Hero

In my thirty-seven years of giving thanks on the third Thursday of November, it's never occurred to me to include you to my list. Selfish? Probably. But I'm human, and focusing on my own needs/wants is innate to me. Please don't fault me for this. Instead, allow me to publicly salute the great sacrifice that you've made, because as far as I'm concerned, you are the wishbone backbone of Thanksgiving. Without you and your moist, tender, white meat breasts, Thanksgiving would be little more than a plate of carbohydrates served with a side of post-gorging, poor body image and a chaser of tryptophan. 

Yes, it was the pilgrims who braved this new world so many years ago. Surviving famine, disease and intolerable conditions. And since then countless lives have been lost in an effort to maintain the freedoms we enjoy, but it's you, oh great Thanksgiving turkey, who is the real hero of this holiday. May you be celebrated for your commitment to this nation, and enjoyed by every hungry mouth as you rest beside a mound of mashed potatoes and beneath a blanket of gravy. We honor and thank you for your service.