Friday, June 1, 2012

A meme...sort of.

If you've read this blog more than twice, you'll know I'm not a huge fan of memes. Mostly because I hate dislike rules. That said, I love my friend Angela a lot more than I hate rules, so in honor of her amazing accomplishments this year (signing with an agent and forging through submission hell with a smile on her face) I'm going to oblige her most recent tagging and play along.  (Of course I'm picking and choosing the questions I want to answer. Once a rule breaker...)

And away we go...

Do you prefer coffee or tea in the mornings?
BLICK! Neither. Mornings are reserved for juice and, on rare occasions, hangover reducing therapies. Besides that, warm beverages do not rank high on my list. (Except during the months of October-December. Than a hot cider or a water-based cocoa is acceptable.)

What's your favorite outdoor activity?
Lately it's been laying on the trampoline with my girls looking up at the clouds. Otherwise, hanging out on the patio while Nigel swipes undies from the neighbor's clothesline.

Do you cook and/or bake straight from the recipe, or do you get creative and throw things together in the kitchen?
*hinged at the waist laughing*  Oh...this is so funny. Like I cook...

Which animals must you see when visiting the zoo?
I love the big cats. Sadly, the big cats don't get the same kind of attention at the World Famous San Diego Zoo as the pandas and polar bears, but if you time it right (a cool Saturday morning) the jaguars and panthers are very social and entertaining.

What's your favorite television show airing today?
JEEPERS, Shaggy! You can't expect me to narrow that down to ONE!
There are many, for different reasons:

Guilty Pleasure: The Bachelor/Bachelorette. Nothing like a good train wreck.
Comedy: Modern Family (brilliant writing) or The Big Bang Theory (so true to my life, sadly)
Drama: Mad Men *swoon*, Game of Thrones #nailbiter, TrueBlood (the books were better)
WTF?!: American Horror Story
Family Friendly: Survivor, Dancing with the Stars

Who is your current Hollywood or otherwise famous crush?
*swipes drool from chin* Zac's pretty high on the list, which works out well considering he's going to star in the movie version of the Short Bus. Obviously Bradley Cooper. And, if I could go back in time--Michael Schoeffling, a.k.a. Jake Ryan. He'll always hold a special place in my love court.

Now the writerly stuff... *yawn*

What are you working on right now?
A contemporary YA called, The Heist. (Hawt geek alert!!)

Do your main characters always have the same hair color as you?
Nope. Although their love interests do. Hmm...

Do you make up characters names, or use the names of people you know?
I usually make them up. However, Kaylen, the lead in my recently completed book, AIT, is named after my Twitter/Internet pal Kalen O'Donnell *nods*. Also, I received an email from a girl at work I'd never met before--her name is Gia Johnstone. If that name's not screaming for a novel I don't know what name is!!

Do your stories tend to be plot driven or character driven?
I'm not really sure how to answer this. I guess I think of a broad plot first and then build up my cast of characters around them. But don't you have to have both?? What good is a great plot if your characters are boring--and what good are authentic, unique characters if your plot blows?? And, for the record, how many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop??
Oh, guys sick of me yet? 

Official meme rules mandate that I tag some other people now, but I'm not going to do that because rules make me itch. Here's what I propose: If you want to share your answers to any of those questions, feel free to do so. Otherwise, just tell me that I look pretty today and we'll call it good.