Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Confession time

Forgive me Fan Club, for I did something disgraceful Monday night.

I used my daughter's handicapped placard when she wasn't in the car.

I know, I's awful. IT IS. I scorn and judge people who abuse handicapped privileges. But I contend that charging someone $20 for 4 hours of hospital parking when they've just spent the afternoon checking a family member into said hospital is also awful. In the midst of conflicting doctor assessments, IVs, and trying to watch the Bachelor in the midst of wildly buzzing alarms and hacking patients (get that woman some drugs, already!), how on earth could I be expected to remember to get validation on my way out?!

You see, parking is free for handicapped visitors, and while I didn't park in a handicapped space (NO! NEVER!), I didn't bust out my Visa to pay the tab, either.

I beg your forgiveness, dear Fan Club, and despite my convincing argument, recognize that I was in the wrong. I promise to never do it again. (Of course, if the ACE Parking attendant should see the placard on my seat upon leaving the parking structure and suggest that my parking is free, I can roll with that, right?!)