Sunday, February 10, 2013


Relax, Francis. 
I'm not here to confess my burning desire for candy hearts and tender kisses next Thursday, (however, if Mr. Efron is willing, I'm totally available) I'm here to tell you about the hysterically fun group of 2014 debut authors I've hooked up with. We're called...THE VALENTINES!! I know, I know...cutest name evah!

There are 14 of us Valentiners and we plan to have more fun this year than the Blogger usage agreement allows. Author interviews, prize packs, and enough shenaniganizing to make those houligan Friday the Thirteeners look like a bunch of Girl Scouts. (For the record, I have purchased 2 boxes of Samoas, 2 Thin Mints and 2 Tagalongs and haven't eaten one. I's impressive).

It's only appropriate that our inaugural post be on Valentine's Day. So, in between bites of Godiva goodies, or sniffing your roses, please swing by and say hello. 

And if you want to have a little fun before then, tell me what you'd write on a candy heart if you could. The only rule: you have to give it to an agent who rejected you. I think mine would say: SUBJECTIVITY BLOWS or maybe, YOUR BOOK SUCKS, TOO ... I'll keep working on 'em. 

Love you all, and have a happy Valentine's Day!