Friday, June 14, 2013

FEAST YOUR EYES!! Cover Reveal: Sara B. Larson's DEFY

 This blog post contains an image that may leave
you drooling, pawing at your monitor with
grabby, baby hands, or wetting yourself in anticipation.

  Bethany Crandell (a.k.a. RookieRiter) accepts no liability
for any damage caused to computers, furniture, clothing, 
or your Barnes & Noble pre-order account balances
as a result of this gorgeous image
being introduced to your retinas. 
 And now, on to the post...

It's a big day, guys. A BIG DAY!
My dear friend & fellow Valentine, Sara B. Larson, has
something purdy to show you. 
No it's not her gorgeous 
head shot, (though she is a looker (◕‿-) ),
it's the cover for her soon-to-be-released book, DEFY!

Here's a quick blurb to whet your eyes' appetite:

Alexa, the fiercest member of a prince's elite guard is actually a girl disguised as a boy, who gets embroiled in a deadly game of thrones while keeping her secret, and realizes she has far deeper feelings for the prince than she thought.

And now for the feast...

I know, right?! I get the chills 
just looking at. *licks screen*
Sara's book will be released January 1, 2014 (Scholastic), 

and it's your job to go out and buy a copy!
It's also imperative that you swing by The Valentines' 
blog to check out more cover reveal fun! 
(Yes, I'm bossy, but being a part of my Fan Club has its privileges. 
Someday we'll figure out what those are.)