Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Time to primp...

If you take a quick peek over there -->  you'll see that we're a mere 75 days from SUMMER ON THE SHORT BUS's coming out party. 

While I typically frown upon uptight events laced with pomp and circumstance, I have determined that the Short Bus shall be welcomed into society in the most sophisticated of ways. (Yes, Downton has started again. My inner snob has emerged) We shall buff and scrub like potatoes en route to the pot. We will polish and coif, primp and iron. We shall drink with our pinkies raised and our noses high. We will be fancy and frilly and everything in between because this book deserves the royal treatment.

In an effort to make sure you're all adequately prepared for this historical event, I've created a giveaway that may aid in your refining. There will be two winners. The first will receive a Camp-I-Can t-shirt, much like those worn by the counselors in SUMMER ON THE SHORT BUS. It is made of the finest cotton blends and wouldn't dare itch your skin. (At least not after several washings)
The second prize is a bottle of Camp-Kill-Me-Now nail polish, as inspired by Cricket, the main character who would rather brave the gates of hell (or a WalMart) than attend summer camp. 

I won't have my Fan Club looking like riffraff come April 1st, 
so do what you can to win. 
And don't dilly dally--the contest ends January 31.

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