Saturday, February 1, 2014

ALA Midwinter: An adventure through the frozen tundra

Thursday, January 23
8:25 a.m. (PST)
Bethany boards a United flight bound for Philadelphia, PA.
On the ground temperature in San Diego: 59 degrees

4:05 p.m. (EST)
Bethany arrives at Philadelphia airport.
On the ground temperature: somewhere between 17 degrees and my nipples might crack off.

I'm not kidding, guys. Philly was cold. Like...REALLY. FREAKING. COLD. Even the locals were complaining about the frigid temps. (I haven't figured out how, but the Common Core curriculum is at the root of this weather sitch) But, I managed to survive thanks to my new down jacket, several borrowed scarves, and more excitement than any girl should ever try to contain. You see, I wasn't just in Philly to earn my "I survived an East Coast winter" badge, I was there for ALA Midwinter which, in this young author's life, was about the coolest experience ever.

Besides the fact I was able to meet my entire publishing family, I got my first signing under my belt while one of my best writer pals cheered me on from the sidelines (in a ridiculously bright T-shirt). I shook hands, shared stories, signed books, swiped ARCs (not mine, other peoples'), met amazing authors, and...well, basically had the time of my life. I could seriously go on for days about the incredible time I had, but pictures speak louder than words. (And my only resolution this year was never to spend more than an hour on a blog post so...)

Some important building that I thought was pretty.

Philly at night. (You can't tell how cold it is from this angle)

Two professionals.
 (Left: Me, Right: Not me. That's the talented Eric Devine)

If you see this guy coming, lock your doors.

Marlo Scrimizzi.
Yes, she looks 14. (Everybody at Running Press looks young!)
Yes, she's as cute as she is fun.
Yes, she's a damn good editor.

Random aisle at ALA

Very cool board with all our book covers

All the authors hanging out at the Running Press cocktail party Saturday night.
(From left: Eric Devine, Tara Altebrando, Maria Andreu, ME!, Leah Eskin)

Post signing.
Post Beer.
Very cold girl.

This is a Nutella dessert pizza.
Nobody at our table "got it".
Somewhere, somebody has some pictures of me signing. Sadly, I just figured out that my iPhone has the reverse camera function (#blonde) so selfies aren't really in my wheelhouse yet.

Anyway, this was just a glimpse of what went down at ALA Midwinter. If I ever attend another conference, I'll be sure to take a lot more pics.

Also, SUMMER ON THE SHORT BUS ARCs are officially out in the world. If you're hoping to land a copy, swing by the YAValentines site. There's one up for grabs there until February 5!

And thanks to all of you who entered to win last month's giveaway. 
(Winners have been notified)
A new contest starts here on Valentine's Day!