Saturday, August 2, 2014

A tour through Cricket's 'hood (+ A GIVEAWAY)

If you've read SUMMER ON THE SHORT BUS, you know that besides being bitchy opinionated and painfully honest, Cricket Montgomery is also LOADED. (well, her dad is)
We're talking major duckets. Serious cash. Loads of money, yo! Which is exactly why her transition to a life of bugs, cots, and wrinkled clothes was so entertaining.

I'll be the first to admit that Cricket's reaction to two weeks outside the city limits was a bit extreme, but after a recent trip to Cricket's stomping grounds, I know why.

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of touring Cricket's hood with some dear writer friends I was traveling with. *nods to the world-renowned Goat Posse* She lives (and plays) just a few blocks from the famous Michigan Avenue in downtown Chicago. (Vince Vaughan, Stedman Graham (Oprah's I-will-never-marry-you beau) and Jerry Springer are just a few inhabitants of this neck of the woods.)

I thought it would be fun to take you on a pictorial tour of Cricket's world and then top off the post with a giveaway. Cause, nothing says "You're a poor loser and could never afford to live here" like a free book and a bookmark.

 The sidewalks are quiet and lined with street lamps and beautifully manicured plants,

the buildings and storefronts unique in their heritage and understated snobbery.

There's no shortage of shopping, so long as your wallet can hang with the big boys...

Pretty sure I saw a sign on the door here that read, "Our most valued customer: Cricket Montgomery"

After ogling over bags and shoes that would break my retirement account, I ventured
over a block to Astor Street, where Cricket lives.

(Side note: I had to take a moment here. Seriously--this was SUCH a cool experience)

 The houses on Astor street are old, one of a kind, beautifully maintained and EXPENSIVE!  (Also, the neighbors we encountered weren't very nice. #grumpyoldfarts)

  It was great fun strolling around this quaint street, especially when we rolled 
up to Cricket's house:

Because of the size of the house and the angle of the street, I couldn't get a full-frontal image of the house. This is a side view of the first (of three) floors. The house sits on the corner of Astor and Banks streets and is as big and grand as it is charming.
The window boxes were overflowing with happy, sun-drenched flowers and the front door
was obviously designed with our big-headed main character in mind.

Now, the giveaway:

A signed copy of SUMMER ON THE SHORT BUS + swag pack
(if the winner is international, the book will come via 
Book Depository and will not be signed)

The contest runs until August 22!
Good luck to all!

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