Thursday, December 31, 2009

For the sake of comparison

For nearly two months I've been working on a very detailed proposal for an agency in New York.
Along with a copy of my passport, mortgage paperwork and the rights to name my next child, they want a comparison of my book vs. other books on the market. (HA! Jokes on them. My husband got "snipped" two years ago. Guess there won't be a little one running around named, Levine Greenberg Crandell)

So, along with the help of my super-sleuthing friend and future P.R. manager, Laura, I've been scouring the web, library and book stores for books similar to mine that I can essentially say SUCK, in comparison. The obvious irony of that statement is that all the books are:

1. Published
2. Made a lot of money
3. Published

Until yesterday, I had three solid comparisons.
1. Along for the Ride, Sarah Dessen
2. Stargirl, Jerry Spinelli
3. Twilight, Stephenie Meyer

(Yes! I did
go there with Twilight. It was a great book, I loved it - but there were certain things (people: BELLA!) who drove me nuts. Why not compare your stuff to the best that's out there? I think it holds its own so I did it.)

Back to my story: So, I was stumped for one more book. I tried about 4 more that all
sounded good based on their synopsis. One, I won't name names but it was made into a movie with the kid from Juno in it, I actually had to put down. Yep. Read the first 50 pages and couldn't go any further. One was darling, but not a good comparison, and there were two more that again, were pretty good reads, but not a good fit.

So, I rolled into the library and found a book that I'd written down as a potential.
My Big Nose and Other Natural Disasters, by Sydney Salter. Wow!! I fell in love with this book. Not only was it a great, funny, truthful representation of life as a seventeen year-0ld, but it didn't try to be more adult than it needed to be, and it also wasn't lemonade stands and hand-holding at the roller rink. It is the PERFECT last book to compare to mine.

Now, I just need to do the comparison and BEG my amazing, supportive, beautiful English friend, Laura, to read the book and offer me her feedback. (Laura reads the think I'm being too subtle?)

So, to round out this surprisingly, lengthy post I just want to say... WAHOO!! I am stoked I found the last book! I hope
Saving Peggy Flemming will be used by someone else to be compared with some day. So long as it's not for the "LOOK AT THE CRAP THEY'LL PUBLISH" comparison.

Have a blessed, happy and safe evening tonight!! 2010 promises to be very exciting!!