Friday, May 13, 2011

Dory Days

We all remember Dory, the fun-loving, slightly forgetful, Regal Blue Tang fish (Peracanthurus hepatus for all you geeks out there) from Disney's FINDING NEMO. Thanks to the vocal artistry of Ellen DeGeneres, the world fell in love with that silly blue fish as she adventured through the dangerous Australian waters with an uptight clown fish in pursuit of his gimpy-finned son.

Loyal. Brave. Hopefulness in the face of uncertainty.

Dory embodied all the qualities we strive for...OR DID SHE?!

Sure she impressed us with her mastery of whale speak but don't forget, dear blogging pals, that she had one major flaw. A flaw that is...CONTAGIOUS! (Insert sinister music here)

As evidenced in the above video clip, we see that Dory is easily distracted by shiny things. And since I've been blogging, I realize I've been contaminated by this debilitating syndrome as well.

You see, I have these amazing, creative friends with amazing, creative blogs that I enjoy checking in on from time to time. (Multiple times a day) For example, my friend Phresh is quite possibly the most disturbingly funny person I've ever met. I know that a pit-stop by the Party Pony will leave me laughing and wondering why God passed out all the creative juices to her. And then there's Anita...Anita my rock. My constant source of encouragement and wisdom. I need Anita! And I can't forget Mindy...geesh, Mindy's like Wonder Woman (only Wonder Woman would have used her invisible jet to catch her rather than tumble down the stairs with no undies. Wait...are her undies invisible?) with all of her amazing interviews and impossible metaphors.

I could go on and on, there are so many of you!

BUT, you knew that was coming, YOU'RE ALL TOO SHINY FOR ME!

I can't seem to help myself when I start looking at all your beautiful, shiny blogs. I want to read, then post, then come back and see if you commented on my comment, then blog hop, then read again...and when I finally minimize Explorer and reopen Word and see that tiny little cursor flashing in the exact same spot it was an hour before--well, that's when I know I've been infected.

The truth is, I want to stare at you all day. But for my own sanity, and the future of my current WIP, I need to limit my exposure. (Just a little).

These are dangerous waters we're swimming in, my friends. Be well. I'll see you often. (Just not as much.) So until next time, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming...