Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hideous drapes make perfect play clothes!

One of my favorite films (and Broadway productions, so good!) is THE SOUND OF MUSIC. I grew up with full exposure to this classic because my parents (the preacher & his wife) thought it was good, wholesome entertainment for their three precious, never to be tattooed or drunken, daughters. (These are the same parents who allowed us to watch THE THORN BIRDS every year, but forbade us from watching ONE DAY AT A TIME because Ms. Romano was divorced--and said, "G.D. a lot." Don't ask me.) Anyway, I was stumped for blog ideas until a blogging buddy of mine picked up on a not-often-appreciated reference to another awesome flick, ST. ELMO'S FIRE, and that's when it became clear. I MUST BLOG ABOUT MY FAVORITE SCENES!

I'm a movie watcher, book reader, TV junkie--I love to be entertained! And in my 35 years on this planet, I've accumulated a generous stash of favorite scenes. (We writers know how important a good, memorable scene is, right?) So just for fun, (because this blog isn't just about me *not* getting agented or published) I thought I'd share some of my all time favorite scenes with you.

1) I wouldn't be much of a SOUND OF MUSIC fan if I didn't include this favorite scene first: Maria has decided that the (hideous) drapes that hang in her bedroom will make perfectly functional play clothes for the recess deprived von Trapp children. After a day parading around town while they sing like the little Austrian angels they are, the children & Maria are shocked to return home and find that Captain von Trapp has returned early, and that the sneering, "send them to boarding school" Baroness Schraeder is with him.

By this point, the audience has witnessed this amazing transformation between Maria and the children, (it turns out they're not the evil tyrants as first appeared) but what we weren't sure of was whether or not Maria's presence had any effect on the gruff Captain von Trapp. Incensed by her insubordination (drapes for clothes/refusal to learn dog whistle calls) Captain von Trapp attempts to put Maria in her place, when he gets himself all tangled up and actually calls Maria CAPTAIN! And this is it...the best moment. The moment when we see a turn in the story. Maria's influence has reached even the impenetrable Captain von Trapp. Look out, Nazis! There's a fair-haired beauty on the prowl.

2) Say what you will about the TWILIGHT series, but there's one scene (or lack thereof) in NEW MOON that just tore me up. At the end of chapter 3, Bella realizes that the one photo she had of Edward is no longer in her album and it finally hits her--he's disappeared from her life forever--as if he never existed--just as he said he would.

The chapter comes to a close and we eagerly turn the page to see what happens, but rather than an indentation and a number 12 font, we're assaulted with a seven letter word we weren't expecting:OCTOBER. (Wait...what?) We turn to the next page, NOVEMBER. (Oh no!) Another page, DECEMBER. (That bastard!) and finally, JANUARY. (No more, please!) It's the lack of scene in this instance that is so jarring--Stephenie easily could have written, "I didn't hear from him for four months," but she didn't--and thank God for that! This is far and away my favorite *non* scene in all four of these books. (My favorite part contains none of her own writing--interesting...)

3) The tiny organist who squeaks with every step has gone home. The Donger has recovered from his late night debaucheries with the big breasted shot putter. Everything is the same as it's always been--that is until Samantha recovers her Midol-induced sister's veil, and returns to find this waiting for her:

(If I need to explain this at all--there's something wrong with you and your membership in my underpaid fan club is hereby revoked.)

So, these are a few of my favorite scenes...what are yours?