Monday, May 2, 2011

My best "THANK YOU"

If there's one thing I've learned in my thirty-five years of right-brained living on this planet it's this: INSPIRATION COMES FROM THE STRANGEST PLACES! Today is no exception.

I've been racking my noggin for days (or minutes, but let's not get hung up on the details) for the best way to thank the amazing authors who have befriended, encouraged, and now honored me on this here blog. (See PRESTIGIOUS AWARDS section to the right.)

I thought about creating my own award, but figured their many awards were probably covered in mantle dust by now. I tossed around the idea of sending flowers, but considering I just cancelled my NetFlix account because my 30-day free trial period was expiring, the odds of me dropping $100 on 3 chicks who don't know my last name is highly unlikely.

OH, NO! Rookie Riter, what are you going to do?!

Fear not, Underpaid Fan Club, it's all figured out. It seems the answer was there the whole time--staring up at me like a freakishly long second toe.

The best way for me to say thank you, is in rhyme. So here goes:

An ode to Blogspot.


"Before this Blogspot I felt so alone,
there was noone to complain to, cry to or moan.
My queries were rejected like a dork at the prom,
my only true fan my sweet, loving mom.

So sad, so pathetic,
so painfully true.
But all of that changed,
when I hooked up with you.

Oh Blogspot, oh Blogspot,
what a savior you are.
Fostering friendships from near and from far.

Some think they are ponies who paint themselves green,
others are dorks submitting art "on the scene".
There's the girl whose poor cat wears a frilly, pink boa
and another whose got a huge second toe-a.

They laugh at my jokes,
empathize with my rage.
They give good advice
and throw roses on stage.

They support and encourage,
sing my name to the masses.
(Too bad when I'm famous,
I'll forget their sad asses).

Without you, Blogspot,
I'd have none of these,
So thank you for giving me just what I need."

Thanks to all my blogging friends who encourage me daily through advice, wisdom, laughter and freakishly private personal information. I know I'm supposed to post seven things about myself--forward the same award on to a few other friends--cut off a lock of my hair and send it to an inmate--but I've never been one to follow the rules. You wouldn't love me if I started now, would you?!