Saturday, April 30, 2011

The well runneth dry...

In the last 24 hours I have been lucky enough to receive two AWESOME awards from two equally AWESOME writers.

I intend to reply as instructed (i.e., send a dishtowel to the person on the bottom of the list and I add my name to the top of the list--before Christmas' arrival I will have received 1,042 dishtowels or something like that) but today, my creative well seems to be running dry.

As an appetizer to my bound-to-be-super-cool-main-course-blog-of-thanks next week, I thought I'd do something to acknowledge just how much I appreciate all my blogging buddies.

Considering my mother said she would disown me if I ever put a picture of one of my children on the Internet (because all 142 of my Facebook friends ARE, in fact, registered sex offenders) the very idea that I'm including a picture of me, ACTUAL ME, on this blog is pretty impressive. (My husband is in the picture, too. He's a complimentary accessory to the Rookie Riter package). But, here it is anyway.




  1. Aw, you are pretty and the two of you are so very cute. I too, am not allowed to have my kids' pictures posted online, except for FB where my account is so private, not even a teeny tiny ant have hopes of viewing the fabulous entrees inside.

    Your awards are well-deserved. Congrats!

  2. Oh, my dear friend, you're every bit as lovely as your personality and sparkling wit! :) You and your hubby make a sweet couple, too. Thanks so much for sharing this picture. *waves to Cherie*

  3. Thanks, ladies.
    We celebrated our 12th anniversary on Sunday--but enjoyed dinner out, followed by drinks at our favorite brewery for dessert (liquid dessert always the best). This was the token "hold the iPhone as still as you can and CLICK" picture for the evening. Since every other photo I have been in for the last...8+ years includes a kid, this is as good as it gets :)

  4. Ooh..side note: My hair was blown-out that day after my haircut. I usually look like Shakira (or so I'm told by Freddie in my HR Dept.) big, wild curls.

  5. Oh, you lucky duck!! My hair is straight as a board. Sigh. Happy anniversary! Hubbie and I have been married for 21 years, this year. And I love him more every day. :)

    BTW, make sure you stop by my blog on Monday. I have a giftie for you!

  6. It's a SQUEEEE Fest in San Diego! Wahoo--I will be visiting A STILL & QUIET MADNESS first thing Monday. (you're central time--that gives you a 2 hour lead)

    Congrats on 21 years!! THAT IS AWESOME!

  7. Shakira is sexy ;) Lucky you. I've always wanted 'em big curls, but now I have to rely on curling irons to get 'em purty. :(
    *waves back to Anita

  8. What a lovely couple you guys make! Congrats on your awards!

  9. Congrats on 12 years; I have 13 years tomorrow! You two look very cute. It's funny because I always pictured you in my mind as the little girl at the top of your blog, and probably always will!

  10. Aww . . . what a cute pic!! Hubby and I just celebrated our 9 year anniversary. :o) Congrats on your awards!

  11. I'm going to post my picture more often--You all are so sweet!

    And my deep thought for the day: GO MARRIAGE! Fight for them, work hard at them, love heartily and be flexible (minds out of the gutters, girls). Marriage is a blessing--enjoy them as you are!