Sunday, August 14, 2011


In my opinion a mullet is a lot more than a hideous hairdo that should have been snuffed out the day it was invented, along with every man, child and K.D. Lang fan who ever donned it atop their head. THE MULLET IS A STATEMENT. It says, we've got to take care of a little bit of business before we hit the party.

Which is exactly what's happening on this post today.

Query Tracker is quite possibly the coolest site for hopeful authors to meet, connect and record our efforts as we try to land an agent. Now that I've earned myself representation, I am stoked to report that I participated in a Query Tracker Success Story which can be found here. (I'm not very comfortable with self-promotion so if I need to toot my own horn to get a little attention than, toot toot. That's all I got.)

Recently my witty and panty-loving pal Angela, as well as my new pal, A.M. who has exceptional taste in girls and goats, bestowed me a very special gift. It is the Liebester Blog Award.

(I am told that Liebster means "friend" in German. I suspect, though, that it has something to do with hooves and intricate bead work. Research pending).

The Liebster award is presented to bloggers who have less than 200 followers, with no conditions for the recipient other than to link back to the givers and bask in the glory of being recognized by some pretty cool chicks. (Actually, that's not true. I'm supposed to tag five people with this gift, but rules scare me. The second I read, "ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS..." Melvin actually leaps from his wheel and I'm left pudge-brained wondering how the goat got my undies over his horns. Rules aren't good for Rookie).

Because I'm the rebellious, youngest daughter of a former minister, I'd like to incorporate my own rules as I always do. Rather than tagging 5 friends for this list, I thought it more fun to create a list of people I'd love to be tagged by. (naughty, naughty, preacher's kid!)

The list goes something like this:

1. Bradley Cooper (Come on, you know me. If I can incorporate his name into a blog, I will).

2. Mark Salling, a.k.a. Noah "Puck" Puckerman, from Glee. This sexy boy with a one-track mind makes my toes curl. 'Nuff said.
3. Shia LeBeouf. Shut up. He's legal.

4. Mathew Fox. Just because LOST is gone, and PARTY OF FIVE ended too early, doesn't mean I can't keep swooning over this fella.5. Ben Affleck. He's still hot, even with a little extra poundage. So long as we don't talk politics, we're good to go!

(No celebrity hunks were harmed during the making of my most recent fantasy)